Chinese Fusion Wedding | Donalda Club, North York

This wedding was a fantastic fusion and we loved every second of it!

Mike and Elaine’s big day took place at the Donalda Club in Toronto and they had both a traditional Chinese tea ceremony and a Christian ceremony. We had the pleasure of doing simple and chic hair with a light and fresh makeup look for Elaine, her mom, and her bridesmaids. These are some raw iPhone photos of the look we did at her trial.

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At the wedding, we didn’t manage to snag any pics of the bride with her white gown on, but we did catch one in her red dress for the Tea Ceremony!


Our favourite pics from the wedding are here! It was a gorgeous day and everyone was all smiles. Check out the bride’s second red dress for the evening reception, and the groom too! We also did an anti-shine treatment on him, covered his blemishes and smoothed out his skin so he would also look great on HD camera and video. What a cute couple!

tumblr_ncukp9vifp1qker4so9_1280tumblr_ncukp9vifp1qker4so5_1280tumblr_ncukp9vifp1qker4so3_1280 tumblr_ncukp9vifp1qker4so6_1280 tumblr_ncukp9vifp1qker4so7_1280

Want to see more of Mike & Elaine’s fusion wedding at the Donalda Club? Check out the photos here:

Photographer: F.J. Sarmiento:

Venue: The Donalda Club:

Hair & Makeup: Toronto Bridal Style:


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