How To Do: “Something Blue” | Wedding Inspiration

Oh weddings! How we love them!

This old wives tale is a long-standing tradition that every bride doesn’t have to do, but it brings that extra something really special to the big day. 


Something Old

This represents something from the Bride’s past or from her family, to provide continuity.

Something New

The provides a symbol of hopefulness and optimism for the future.

Something Borrowed

This is usually something from a married woman who had a happy marriage, to bring happiness to the new couple.

Something Blue

This is seen as a symbol or purity, fidelity, and even love.

And a Sixpence in her shoe

Which brings prosperity and good fortune to the new couple.


We have a collection of our 10 favourite Something Blue items and ideas the Bride can add to her wedding day. Sentimental or simply gorgeous, Something Blue is a great opportunity to bring a bit of uniqueness and personality to the traditional wedding ensemble!

1: The shoes



Badgley Mischka “Kiara” pumps in blue.



Rachel Simpson “Mimosa” leather wedding shoes.


2: A bit of blue in your bouquet



3: A blue garter


This one from Tessa Kim is our absolute favourite!


4: Little blue underthings


The Mrs. Knickers from BHLDN are the ones we love (and so does Lauren Conrad)!


5: Blue jewels are always a chic choice


We love these understated ones from Etsy.


6: A handkerchief to catch your tears with some blue detailing, of course


Again, Etsy for the win with this one!


7:  A sash for your dress


The Red Magnolia on Etsy has these and so many other pretty wedding things that we love!


8: Add something by hand! Stitch the wedding date or a piece of Dad’s shirt into the dress for a sentimental touch




9: The dress! Make a bold statement in these gorgeous gowns


This Oscar De La Renta one just steals the show!



And this Lobelia gown offers a soft and romantic blue alternative.


10: A scent to remember


A special day, a special fragrance. It will definitely be something you won’t forget!


Have a unique Something Blue too? Tell us!


We hope you’re inspired!

Toronto Bridal Style



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